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Wheaton Paint Bank Project

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Site Cleanup

GRAB, in partnership with the Department of Corrections, Alternative Community Service Program has removed graffiti and cleaned debris from public and private property -- 80,670 square feet from July 1, 2002 through January 31, 2003 and more than 270,700 square feet dating back to the inception of this cleanup program in June 2000.

GRAB has cleaned up sites such as Baltimore Road, Old Blair High School, Long Branch Community Center, Seven Locks Road & Tuckerman Lane, walls along the Metro Red Line in Silver Spring, Dale Carlia Tunnel and numerous other parks and schools around the county. For every cleanup job GRAB undertakes on public property, GRAB's labor costs are less than half of what it would cost the County to do the same job, saving the county more than $30,000 since June 2000.

In addition, GRAB tracks recidivism and photographs the graffiti. We provide monthly reports to Montgomery County Police and the State’s Attorney's Office. This provides them with intelligence on which tagging groups and gangs are active in the area.

More and more, GRAB is responding to resident complaints for graffiti removal. We remove graffiti where possible. In other situations we work with the owning agency or business to get it removed. We always monitor the site until the graffiti is cleaned up and provide status reports to citizens.