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Joining GRAB

Donate to GRAB

GRaffiti ABatement Partners, Inc. (GRAB) is registered with the State of Maryland Secretary of State Charitable Organizations Division, and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. All donations to GRAB are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

GRAB accepts cash and in-kind donations. You may also wish to become a member of GRAB to have a more direct voice in the operations and activities of the organization.

To make a cash contribution, make a check payable to "Graffiti Abatement Partners" and mail it to:

P. O. Box 623
Kensington, MD 20895-0623

Please be sure to indicate your name, address, and phone number on the check so that we may properly acknowledge your contribution. GRAB does not redistribute contact information to others, nor gives away or sells mailing lists. At this time, GRAB does not have the capability to accept contributions on-line or via credit or debit cards.

GRAB will acknowledge your gift with a written statement indicating the amount of the gift. You may use this statement when filing a future tax return to claim a charitable deduction, as allowed by law.

In-Kind Contributions

GRAB appreciates the kindness of individuals and businesses that wish to support GRAB's work. Currently, GRAB is seeking donations of these items:

  • Roller covers (thick nap)
  • Paint brushes (3-inch)
  • Paint pans and liners
  • Exterior latex paint – gray, beige and white
  • Hard bristle scrub brushes
  • Weed whacker (gas-powered)
  • Canvas lawn gloves
  • Large garbage bags
  • Digital camera

GRAB will provide a written statement to the donor indicating the fair market value of the donated item(s) so the donor may deduct them from taxes to the extent permitted by law. Note: GRAB does not accept in-kind contributions such as vehicles or real property.

If you would like us to consider accepting an in-kind contribution for item(s) not listed above, please click here to contact us. Please include a description of what you may wish to donate, as well as your name, e-mail address, and telephone number. We will get back to you.